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Minimum Wage and the Cost of Doing Business

It is the nature of Breakaway's business, as with many others, that our rates are closely tied to the current minimum wage. The above look into the past half century  of minimum wage changes illustrates that the past few years have seen the rate jump higher, faster,  than ever before.  The increased cost of labor is reflected in the cost of goods and services in any industry that attracts large numbers of minimum wage workers.  

Make no mistake - there's a good reason for this.  Unlike some of our competitors, Breakaway’s couriers are employees: they are covered by worker’s comp, they have access to affordable healthcare, and they are paid a living wage.

We choose to provide our couriers with all the benefits to which they are entitled, rather than utilize a loose collective of unprotected “independent contractors.” Maintaining a well-paid, professional staff reduces our turnover and enables us to continue to provide the exceptional service you have come to expect from Breakaway.