New – Bulk Delivery Ordering


We've made it easy to place an order for delivery to multiple addresses from the same pick-up point.  No more faxing or typing in individual names and addresses. For any delivery project with 10 or more addresses, you can just email us a spreadsheet and we’ll upload it directly into our system.

First, include the following information in your email:


  • Account Number
  • Company
  • Contact Name
  • Telephone Number  
  • Pickup Date
  • Pick-up Time
  • Pick-up Street Address
  • Type of Packages
  • Total No of Pieces
  • Requested Delivery Time Frame

Then just attach a spreadsheet with your delivery information:

  • Download our easy template here.

  • Or you can use your own spreadsheet;  just make sure it has columns and is in a .csv or .xls format.  We can support Excel, Access and many other standards

Send the email to

Once we receive your email we’ll import the orders and dispatch the jobs within the time frame you specify. That’s all there is to it!