Truck Delivery Rates

Breakaway’s vehicle delivery services, including lift gate truck delivery service, allows for fast delivery of packages up to 100,000 lbs.

Contact Lawrence Choiniere  at (646) 674-8326 for information on Corporate Volume Discounts or any logistical needs you may have.

Base Zone: $31.95
Each Additional Zone: $3.20
Each Additional Zone Above 110th St.: $6.40

Rush Truck Delivery Services

Rush = 1.25x Regular Rate Surcharge.
Double Rush = 1.5x Regular Rate Surcharge.
Exclusive Rush = 3x Regular Rate Surcharge

Other Charges

  • Waiting Time: $1.15 per minute (after 10 minute grace period).

  • No Pickup: $17.20

  • Additional Pieces (after initial 2 pieces): $3.15 per piece

  • Furniture and Non-Standard Freight incur additional handling charges.

  • Walk-ups: $3.15 per flight

  • Overtime (orders scheduled for pickup or delivery after 5:30 PM):
    1.5x Regular Rate.

  • Saturday / Sunday: 1.5x Regular Rate

  • One-Man Van Hourly Rate: $75.50 per hour, 1 hr minimum

  • Two-Man Van Hourly Rate: $118.35 per hour, 1 hr minimum

  • Large Lift-gate Truck: $197.25 per hour, 90 minute minimum

  • All deliveries are insured against theft for $100.00. Additional insurance is available by request at a rate of $1.90 per $100.00. Acceptance of higher declared value is subject to risk assessment.


Truck Delivery Zones

  • Battery to Canal

  • Canal to 14th

  • 15th to 59th

  • 60th to 79th

  • 80th to 110th

  • 110th to 125th

  • 126th to 155th

  • 156th to 181st

  • 182nd to 220th

The BASE ZONE is the pickup point. 

There is a $42.10 minimum for deliveries to outer boroughs. Out-of-town-rates are available on request for service within a 500 mile radius of NYC. Charges are based on zip code zoning at approximately $3.80 per mile. 



.* Effective 1/1/2019.  Above rates plus an additional .85 per delivery insurance surcharge.



Billing Options

It's easy to bill back your clients and client references! With Breakaway Courier's invoicing options we can flag your account so orders can't be completed without client references.

Invoices can also be sorted and totaled based on:

  • Date

  • Department

  • Client Chargeback References

  • Caller

  • Address

Package Tracking

Breakaway Courier offers online package tracking and management services:

  • Track Packages Online

  • Place new orders

  • Search past deliveries, prices and invoices

  • Easily print labels and manage users