Breakaway News Volume No. 9 Issue No. 12 December 2004

Holiday Wishes

Breakaway would like to wish you a joyous Holiday Season.  Believe it or not, we have already received our first holiday card.  Remember we can deliver your holiday gifts to friends, family and business associates. Be on the lookout for flying reindeer wearing Breakaway jerseys. Happy Holidays!

Bravo K888


One of our customers found herself at JFK airport, heading for London in ninety minutes without her purse. She left it behind at her midtown hotel. Not to panic, she called us at 6:00 PM.  Thanks to the expert skills of K888, Maninder Kumar, she had her purse in her hands by 7:00 PM. Nice job Maninder!

Password Overload


Do you have too many passwords to remember? Here's our tip: Make a file that is password protected and record all of your other passwords in that file. Remember only one password. If you forget your other passwords refer to your password protected file.

Santa and Security

Rumor has it that even jolly old St. Nick will have to present a picture I.D. when making his rounds this year. Don't forget to completely label your gift deliveries. Otherwise, they might not be accepted at the delivery point.

December Horoscope

We see many fabulous gifts in your near future. A significant other will surprise you with an unexpected adventure to a far-off land. A Breakaway Courier will be in your life for at least 20 seconds.

Snow Pool

It is time for our snow forecasters to show off. Confidently tell us the number of inches of snow that will fall in Central Park by April 30th, 2005 and email your prediction to If your guess is the most accurate, you will win a special prize.  Consult your favorite soothsayer and join the fun.

Stump the Band

Last month we wanted to know who said, "I was riding on the Mayflower when I thought I spied some land."  Answer: Bob Dylan, from his song Bob Dylan's 115th Dream.

T-Shirt Question

The performance of the Nutcracker Suite is a holiday tradition at the NY State Theatre and Colonial Theatre in Boston. What is the name of the leader who battles against Clara & the Nutcracker at midnight? The first person to call John Handrik will win a coveted Breakaway T-Shirt and perhaps a pair of ballet slippers.