Breakaway News Volume No. 10 Issue No. 7 July 2005

Happy Fourth

Breakaway Courier would like to wish all our customers a happy, healthy Fourth of July. The Fourth is on a Monday this year, and the Breakaway compound will be closed for business that day. Have a great Independence Day and please, mind where you point that bottle rocket!

Breakaway R & D

Breakaway Courier is always looking for the latest in delivery technology in order to service our clients better. The latest idea? Internet teleportation. Cameras will scan the messenger, the digitized courier will flow through cyberspace, and he’ll be recreated on the other end using “nano-dust.” Only problem – the facsimile still isn’t very life-like. We’re still working on that.

Whole Lotta Lance

Everyone’s favorite cyclist is gearing up for the Tour de France, and now that Lance is being sponsored by Discovery Networks, you can see Lance on the Discovery Channel. And the Science Channel. And the Discovery-Times Channel. In fact, you can see him on every Discovery channel, and that means all Lance all the time. We’d like to say that Lance may bring in the endorsements, but our couriers are just as fast! Almost.

Messenger Chic

Seems that makeover/home shows are all over the dial and on all kinds of networks these days. No matter what channel you turn to, someone is painting, spackling, sawing, or sewing a slipcover onto something. However, we’ve identified an audience that’s long been neglected: messengers! We know a few that look as if they’re long overdue for a makeover – or at the very least a dusting! Getting a nifty new bike would be nice too; albeit without the velour covered saddle.

It’s Official

On August 1, 2005, we will begin utilizing new software for our entire operation. Immediate benefits to our customers will be:




  •  Many new online features including order entry,  job tracking, job pricing and invoice/report generation.
  • Common delivery locations will be saved, allowing for quicker order entry.
  • Invoices will be  more user-friendly and generated on a laser printer.  Electronic invoicing will be available in several formats.


Please call Robert Kotch if you have any questions or concerns about our new client services software.

Stump the Band

Last month, we asked you to tell us the Manhattan park in which there is a monument erected to the victims of the General Slocum ferry disaster. The answer: Tompkins Square Park, located in Alphabet City, what used to be the city’s “Little Germany.”

T-Shirt Question

How did the long forgotten Broadway bomb, “No, No Nanette” bring cheer to New Yorkers, bring sorrow to Bostonians, and alter the course of baseball history? The first person to call John Handrik with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway t-shirt.