Breakaway News Volume No. 11 Issue No. 11 November 2006

Autumnal Thanks

It’s that time of the year again; time to prepare to get stuffed to the gills with Thanksgiving meals! Breakaway wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving holiday, and, if you’re traveling, safe passage to your family. Remember, Breakaway can deliver your holiday goods to you. We’ll even bring the turkey, and any trimmings you can think of.

It’s What Month?

From the we-can’t-make-this-up files: November is (wait for it)…Peanut Butter Lover’s Month! A species of legume native to South America, peanuts and peanut butter form a major staple in the diets of grade schoolers the country over. Hey, who doesn’t love a good PBJ?

Coke, No Rum

Breakaway general manager Andrew Young came back from Barbados, where he did nothing all day except lie comatose on the beach. Unfortunately, the two bottles of rum he bought at the duty free shop, which is past the security check mind you, were interdicted at the plane’s door. Where do you think all that booze goes after confiscation? Party at the TSA!

Yu Who?

This time of year, normally, people get sick as the weather changes. If you readily catch cold, can’t take drafts, and sweat easily, Breakaway staffer and Chinese Medicine student RM says try Yu Ping Feng San (Jade Wind Screen) to help keep from getting ill. Call Breakaway to send a messenger to Chinatown to get it for you. That will keep winter’s bite off yu. We mean, you.


It’s come to our attention lately that people seem confused about roundtrips. Just for the record, a roundtrip is from you, to the drop off, and back to you (or from your client, to you and back). If it’s picking up from somewhere and coming to you, with nothing going back, that’s an outside pickup. Lastly, a run where your office isn’t involved at all is referred to as an outside-outside.


This just in: Canal Street used to be a real canal!

Stump the Band

Last month, we asked what was the only extra-territorial enclave in the United States. There were quite a few responses, but the correct answer is the United Nations in New York.

T-Shirt Question

CBGBs in New York has played its last gig. The club where the Ramones and so many others got their start is moving to Las Vegas, to escape a $65,000 rent hike. What do the letters CBGB/OMFUG stand for? The first person to call Robert Martinez with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway t-shirt.