Breakaway News Volume No. 12 Issue No. 11 November 2007


We want to wish all of our customers a safe, happy, memorable, and fattening Thanksgiving holiday. Remember to drive safely, and if you have any last minute needs - like, say, extra cranberry sauce - Breakaway is ready to get you out of a jam. Just be sure to give the messenger a nice helping of turkey. Note: We’ll be closed Thursday the 22nd, but open Friday the 23rd.

Breakaway in Peru

General manager AY has returned triumphant from Peru, after a glorious vacation in the Andes. He visited Machu Pichu, and brought back a bunch of presents for the staff (well, we got one at least). He also reports that the new office for the Andean branch of Breakaway is just about ready. The only difference is that the messengers will be riding llamas instead of bicycles.

Where is ZP?

ZP, our newest office commuter from Yonkers, hit a snag recently. Or, more precisely, he hit a TLC limo while riding into work one day. He’s mostly okay, but seems to have torn some ligaments in his knee. The limo was totaled.

No Starch!

DD brought his $300 jersey to the local dry cleaner near the Breakaway compound. In the end, he wished he hadn’t. It was returned XXXXXXXtra small, and with more holes in it than a chain link fence. Caveat emptor!


We would like to report that the Newsletter has won a prestigious award for industry newsletters. But, that would be lying. We have, however, received praise from our readers. Thanks. That’s better than any award.

Seven and Nine

If you were a Dart customer, and had a four digit account number, it is now preceded by a 7. So, if your account number was 1234 with Dart, it is now 71234. Dart customers who’s account numbers started with a 9 are unchanged.

Pod People

How cool is Apple’s iPhone? So cool that now messengers can use the touchscreen iPod’s built in browser to view the jobs that are dispatched to them, as well as look up Google Maps to help them with find their way. Unfortunately, they can also get run over from watching movies instead of minding traffic. So, it has its good and bad side.

Stump the Band

Last month, we asked how many chicks were sired by New York’s most famous red-tail hawk, Pale Male. The answer: According to the Audubon Society, Pale Male has sired 26 chicks. Send cigars to 927 5th Avenue, 12th floor window on the right.

Trivia Question

What fantasy series has a ring-wielding leper as its hero? The first person to call Robert Martinez with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway t-shirt. Try Googling that you Wikipediers!