Breakaway News Volume No. 13 Issue No. 2 February 2008

Cupid’s Couriers

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  On this day or any other day, Breakaway can guarantee true love. Well, not exactly--but we can help you woo the apple of your eye! From chocolates,  to flowers, to  plane tickets to  Paris, we can deliver testaments of love. Call us and we will deliver your special gift to that special person in record time.

Lift-Gate Vision

Things you can do with a lift-gate truck: Easily move 10 couches, or 5000 pounds of peanuts or a big photocopy machine. We have nine lift-gate trucks at your service. Why not simplify your life and call us for your big freight jobs?

Harry Potter Pulled

We thought playing the audio book of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for our on-hold music was a nice change of pace. The responses to this were extremely passionate to say the least.  Either you loved it or hated it. There was no middle ground.  Ninety percent of the responses were positive.  However, Broadway actor Jim Dales' reading was so realistic that some customers truly thought the  Cruciatus Curse was about to be inflicted on them. Sorry for the mix-up; it was only a muggle speaking.

Andrew Math

We now have three employees named Andrew in our office. So far it’s been a bit confusing. How do large companies do it? We've come up with a highly sophisticated algorithm to address this matter and it's easy math. First you take Andrews' initials AB AY AD. Cube it. Square it and you come up with A(B+D+Y). Capiche?  Next week: Fractions.

Clam Chowder Bowl - Manhattan Or New England?

Here we go again. Another big sporting event, the Super Bowl, will  decide which city is superior.  We are happy to say, we are writing from New York and ELI’S COMING!

Friendly Wager

Breakaway-Boston Mayor Tom Cromwell has offered a friendly wager with Breakaway-New York Mayor Rob Kotch. The stakes are high: If the Giants win Mayor Tom will send 250 servings of New England Clam Chowder, one for each biker, driver and dispatcher. When the Patriots win, Rob will send the Boston crew 250 servings of Manhattan Clam Chowder. Mayor Tom's prediction: Patriots 38, Giants 17. Mayor Rob's prediction: Giants 35, Patriots 34.

Stump the Band

Last month, we asked you why Nikola Tesla was ahead of his time. The correct answer is “wireless electricity transfer”.

Trivia Question

How much was New England Head Coach Bill Belichick paid per week for his very first coaching job? The first person to call Bob Modica with the correct answer will win the coveted Breakaway t-shirt.