Breakaway News Volume No. 14 Issue No. 6 June 2009

Enlightened Delivery

Breakaway has already hit the heights in the mundane world of city messengers. Now, we’re about to hit nirvana! Our liftgate driver C803, made a special delivery for the Dalai Lama’s throne to Webster Hall. His Holiness personally thanked Elbert for the delivery at 3 AM, at which point our driver came to enlightenment. Since he’s one of our drivers, we can honestly say that’s good car-ma!

Back to the Future

The Post reported in May that commuting by bicycle in New York City jumped by 143%. An estimated 185,000 people cycled to work in 2008, compared to 76,000 in 2000. The reason is two-fold; miles of new bike lanes, making cyclists feel safer, and the economy, which squeezes owning a car in the city. One cycle commuter estimates it saves him $260 per month. We’ve seen the future, and it has two wheels.

The BikeDoctor Is In

Is your bicycle not in good shape? Not pedaling well? Fitted improperly? Contact our resident expert bike mechanic James Lao. James, a former Breakaway Courier, is a world-class bike mechanic, and he’s set up shop on the ninth floor here at BreakawayHQ.

Marketing Messengers

It has occurred to some of our P.R. customers that they can utilize our courier’s ubiquitous street presence to promote their client’s products, services and latest releases. We have been commissioned to distribute or promote new products from beverages to shampoo. If you have an item to promote, call our sales department to engage our couriers in some very effective gorilla marketing.

June Bugs

June isn’t known for holidays, but there are a bunch of national days and some observances. Our favorites: National Adopt-a-Cat month, Potty Training Awareness Month, National Iced Tea Month, National Clay Week. Birthdays include June 1st for Oscar the Grouch, and June 30th for Superman.

Street Closures

The city has now closed Broadway to traffic at two locations; from 47th street to 42nd street, and from 35th to 33rd street. We’re watching this closely and we urge customers to bear these closings in mind when calling in deliveries that require a vehicle in those locations.

Stump the Band

Last month we asked for the names of the two pitchers who signed on to star in a police drama with David Janssen, and the movies name. The answer: Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale, in the movie, “Warning Shot.” Drysdale was to play a TV commentator and Koufax a detective.

T-Shirt Question

Newspapers are endangered these days, although the Boston Globe is still going. There used to be a Boston Evening Globe. When did it stop publishing? The first person to call Andrew Young(x8322) with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway T-shirt.