Breakaway News Volume No. 16 Issue No. 11 November 2011

Thanks Again

Now that everyone in the city is reeling from hyperglycemic overload from Halloween, it’s the perfect time to remind everyone of the next calorific holiday on the calendar: Thanksgiving! No wonder we can’t lose those last five pounds! Anyway, whether the turkey you ordered is five or 15 pounds, be sure to call us to have it delivered, along with all the fixin’s. We promise not to eat it along the way.

Hellas on Wheels

NPR reports that Athenians are doing something drastic to get around their city while their economy tanks: They’re bicycling! Once left only to the poor and the foolhardy, Athenians say they are saving on gas, and getting to work, despite strikes and protests. The humble bicycle to the rescue!

Daylight Reminder

The days get shorter during the winter months, but one thing we do really speeds it along. This month, Eastern Standard times arrives on November 6th, at 2:00am. So remember to turn your clocks back, and enjoy the extra hour of sleep.


Our customers love having us hold inventory for them prior to shipping, and now we’ve got more space to do it in. We’ve experienced an expansion in available space in our warehouse, so give us a call and let us house your wares. 

Sync This!

Smartphones, iPods, Blackberries; they all have to be synched with something, giving us that sinking feeling. We miss the days when it was just the kitchen sink. (laugh now!)

Reefer Madness

Alright, we can tell what you’re thinking after reading the headline, and no, we are not about to start servicing clients with glaucoma. In trucking parlance, a “reefer” truck is a refrigerated truck, and we’re about to acquire one. That means that if you have something that needs to remain frosty all the way to its destination, you can call on us. Pretty darn cool.

People, Power, Pizza

Occupy Wall Street has been going strong for about a month, sparking movements across the globe, but still, protestors have to eat. What are they eating? Liberatos Pizza. The pizzeria, which now has an “OccuPie”, has even taken donation orders from as far away as Italy, Germany, and Greece. That’s branding for you!

Stump the Band

Last month we asked what item was used before pumpkins for jack-o’-lanterns, and why. Turnips were used prior to the pumpkin (a New World item) to either ward off evil spirits, or remember souls in purgatory.

T-Shirt Question

The official car of Boston’s mayor uses the plate number “576.” What is the origin of this enigmatic number? The first person to call Gil Ortiz with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway T-shirt.