Breakaway News Volume No. 16 Issue No. 4 April 2011

Taxation Two-Step

Time waits for no man, and Uncle Sam is even less understanding in this regard. It’s tax time, of course, and for all of you who wait until the very last nanosecond to get your taxes done, we’d like to say: Thank You for keeping us in business! Remember, we can have those forms delivered ASAP. 

Reality Breakaway

Now that the pressure is on, let us tempt you with a more fun. Taxes, schmaxes, forget those taxes.  Instead, tune in to the Travel Channel and watch the premiere of "Triple Rush" on April 14th, 10pm, featuring Breakaway Courier. Let the deadline loom even larger and call in for a triple rush after the show. More excitement than you can stand!

Ruling the Road

Breakaway Courier has long been a presence on the streets of the city. We’re hoping to replicate this success in the racing scene. The Breakaway Courier Cycle Race Team has had several impressive wins in March, and we hope to continue the streak. Notable results: Mike Hughes has two wins in the NJ series, and Steve Kang has a win in the Century Road Cycling Association’s Spring series in Central Park in the cat 5 division.


One, Two…Heave!

Does this sound familiar? You have 50 cartons lying around, a disorganized list of clients you need to deliver said cartons too, and a limited amount of office space. Luckily, you’re a customer of Breakaway. Our logistics team can pick up your items in our lift-gate truck, store them off-site, and organize the clientele for smooth delivery. Everyone will think you’re a genius. Of course, since you have us as your secret weapon, you are.

A Good Cause

MS causes a lot of misery. Luckily, there’s the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Annually, the NMSS holds charity rides to raise funds for research, and Breakaway is doing its part. On April 30th, Team Breakaway will participate in the Ride the Vineyards event. Want to contribute? Go to, click Ride the Vineyards, and look for our team to make a donation.

Friend Us!

Okay, we know that you’d rather, time on Facebook than do some actual work. Now, you can do both. Friend us on Facebook, and you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Stump the Band

Last month we asked who really came up with the croissant. Answer: The pastry was first baked in Austria, in the form of the kipferi, going back to the 13th century. One story says they were baked to celebrate victory over the Ottomans at the Battle of Vienna, riffing the Turkish crescent flags.

T-Shirt Question

 Today, it’s X Factor and American Idol, but the idea of reality television has been around a long time. What show has been called the granddaddy of reality TV and when did it air? The first person to call Gil Ortiz with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway t-shirt.