Breakaway News Volume No. 16 Issue No. 5 May 2011

May Days

May is here, and along with the May flowers are also some holidays to be aware of. Mother’s Day is almost here, of course, and should you have need to get that special something to her rapidly, you know who you can call on. Because nothing says, “I love you, Mom,” like a Breakaway Courier showing up to her door.

In Memoriam

May is also the month for Memorial Day. Please note that Breakaway will be closed for that Monday, in observance of the federal holiday.

Augmented Reality

Watching Triple Rush, you may really enjoy the music played for most of the show. What viewers may not know is that that music wasn’t added to the footage; it plays here all the time. We have a very sophisticated office A.I. system that reads our staff and messenger’s faces 300 times per second and then plays the appropriate minor chords, heavy riffs, and pregnant pauses.

Ride Safe, Lee.

Some sharp-eyed viewers of Triple Rush have already called in to say that Rob Kotch’s admonition to “Ride safe,” may make good advice, but is questionable English. And, they’re right; the correct phrase is, “Ride safely.” We apologize for using an adjective to describe a verb. Please don’t tell the Royals, or the Minister of Language will come here and beat us with an Oxford dictionary.


House for Wares

More and more customers are experiencing the convenience of our midtown warehousing facility. For projects either large or small, Breakaway can store, organize, and deliver your items not just here in Manhattan, but across the country. 

Groundswell Reviews

Fantastic. Sensational. What television should be. Better than Viagra. Okay, we made that last one up, but that’s what the critics are saying about Triple Rush, the reality show that is showcasing Breakaway Courier, and life in the mean streets. Or, it was, until the Travel Channel cancelled it, after only three episodes. We need a cable TV uprising from our clients and fans; call or e-mail the Travel Channel and tell them to put Triple Rush back on the air!

Friend Us!

Okay, we know that you’d rather waste time on Facebook than do some actual work. Now, you can do both. Friend us on Facebook, and you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Stump the Band

Last month we asked what show has been called the granddaddy of reality TV and when did it air? Answer: Alan Funt’s Candid Camera, which first aired in 1948. This was an extension of his radio show, Candid Microphone.

T-Shirt Question

Another Easter has passed, and that begs the question: Why is this Christian holiday called Easter and why is it celebrated with rabbits and eggs? The first person to call Gil Ortiz with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway t-shirt.