The Governor will need that parking space of yours.

True story....happened this morning. I get a call from the state police around 9AM this morning. Now, if I get a call from the police it is usually New York's finest and almost always concerns a ticket a messenger received that resulted in the courier being hauled away because the ticket is just one in a series of tickets that the courier in question has never responded to with the resulting conversation going something like this....Police: "Can you come get his bag and bike?"....Me: "which precinct is he at?" 

So when I hear that it is the State police on the line I tense up since I think it must be serious and probably involves a driver making a delivery upstate. I steel myself for bad news and take the call. A very nice woman comes on the line and identifies herself then ask me if we have have one of our 26' lift-gate trucks parked on East 40th St? I respond, "Well....if you are telling me I do then we must have one there... give me the plate numher and I will check on our GPS system". Sure enough, one of our trucks is unloading on east 40th St. Now I am wondering what the truck driver did to anger the state police and also wondering why the state police are in Manhattan giving NYC parking tickets out? The conversation continues thusly: " Your driver is parked in a legal commercial zone but he has to move out of this spot in the next 10 mins"....Me: "why does he have to move if he is legally parked?"....Police: "Governor Cuomo will be pulling up in 10 mins and wants the space".....ME: "But if it is a legal commercial zone how can the governor have the right to...." She cuts me off..." He does and he will so if you don't move the truck you will loose the truck"....ME: "The truck will be moved in 2 mins". End of story...postscript: Do you have any idea how long it takes to find a commercial parking space large enough to fit a 26' truck in mid-town Manhattan on a weekday morning? What was the Governor driving anyway...a 18 wheeler? Well, he did get the marriage equality act through this weekend so I guess I have to give him a pass.