Breakaway News Volume No. 16 Issue No. 7 July 2011

Happy Fourth

Independence Day is here, and that means yet another barbecue (bad news for those of you with third degree burns from the Father’s Day bbq), but this time, with fireworks! Also, a heartfelt welcome home to the troops who will be returning from Afghanistan. Thank you for serving, and get home safe. Please note we will be closed that Monday.

Team Results

This past Father’s Day, The Harlem Skyscraper Criterium took place, a high-energy bicycle race that flew around Marcus Garvey Park. Congratulations to Breakaway Racing’s  own Nathan Thomas, who came in second in the Cat 4 points race. He was a very enthusiastic second, throwing his arms in the air as if he came in first! The photo of him crossing the line with his arms raised made it into the Wall Street Journal. There were some other results, but since they didn’t feature Breakaway, we’re only vaguely aware of them.

 Big in Europe

It happens a lot, it seems. Josephine Baker was snubbed at home, but found favor in France; “Vanishing Point” was panned in the States, but was well received in England. Now, the same is true for “Triple Rush,” which was cancelled here after only three episodes, but which is apparently a big hit overseas. Proving yet again that “cool” is America’s number one export!


Ready, Set, Shop!

Competition is often very heated in the newsletter trivia question. People really want that t-shirt. Well, now you don’t have to wrack your brains and search the web like a maniac to win one. You can buy one! Our store is at Log in there now to check out the latest Breakaway schwag. Buy it! Now! 

The Incredible Bulk

We love bulk. It’s healthy to eat a lot of bulk in your diet, and for a messenger company, it’s fantastic to do a lot of bulk deliveries. Have a newsletter, or a pamphlet, or some other item that needs to go out to 100 or more clients? Be sure to contact our logistics department to make your bulk items all get to where they need to go.

Privacy Piracy

No one should be surprised that in the Internet age, privacy is a thing of the past. Nothing on the Web goes away, ever, and data mining is a billion dollar a year industry. The only way to ensure a private transaction?  Hire one of our messengers, who will be all to happy to forget you as he goes on to the next delivery.

Stump the Band

Last month we asked what invention it is that modern Americans cannot live without. Answer: The humble toothbrush. Invented in prison by Englishman William Addis, this personal hygiene item is a must have.

T-Shirt Question

Canadians uncharacteristically rioted after Vancouver’s loss in the Stanley Cup’s last and decisive game to Boston. What past hockey player got involved in a brawl, wielding a fan’s shoe? The first person to call Gil Ortiz with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway T-shirt.