Breakaway News Volume No. 20 Issue No. 6 June 2015

Happy Father’s Day
Last month, it was your mom, but it took two people to bring you into this world, and now it’s the other party’s turn. This June 21st, we want to wish all Dads out there a wonderful, relaxed Father’s Day. Planning a barbecue? Call us and we’ll help deliver the fixin’s!

Another of those, “They can send a man to the moon…” type stories. This one a bit closer to home! While having lunch before writing this newsletter, our filling fell out. They can send a man to the moon, but can’t make a filling that lasts?! Get us some crazy glue, stat.

 Expanding Citi
The CitiBike program has become a big success. Lots of people have availed themselves of the Citi bikes to travel short distances. Now, Citi Bike is expanding into the Upper West Side, and will be bringing 39 new docking stations to areas from west 63rd street to 107th street. Details still need to be ironed out, but we look forward to more people discovering the joy of cycling through Citi Bike.

 The Other Tour
  Congratulations to Alberto Contador, the winner of last month’s Giro d’Italia, the other grand   tour race aside from the Tour de France. Contador held on to win in the last days in    convincing fashion, and now has sights set on the other-other Tour.

On Demand
Have papers to file? Groceries that need to get delivered? A finicky cat that needs sitting? You can call us and ask for a messenger-on-demand. Our courier can be your guy/gal Friday for the day or the week. Call for details.

 Cooool Trucking
It’s been an open secret for some time now that we have vans and trucks available for the big jobs. But did you know that we also have refrigerator trucks? If you have perishables that need to get somewhere while keeping their cool, give us a call and we’ll provide the chilliest of rides.

Work Force
A new British study found that the average office worker spends 36 days per year answering e-mails, not all of which are job related. It also found that a great deal of time at the office was spent doing trivial things, rather than actually working. Not our couriers, though. You can be sure that our guys are working hard to get your items delivered on time.

 Stump the Band
 Last month we asked what the toppings on a Margherita pizza signify. Answer: The toppings  reflect the colors of the Italian flag: green, white, and red.

 T-Shirt Question
 What is a “nail house?” The first one to call Gil Ortiz with the correct answer will win a  coveted Breakaway T-shirt.