Breakaway News Volume No. 21 Issue No. 5 May 2016

Oh, Mother!

For all the skinned knees she put a Band-Aid on, all the boo-boos she kissed, all the long nights she stayed up doing homework with you, every time she cooked a favorite meal, don’t you think Mom deserves something nice on Mother’s Day? Call Breakaway and we can have that special something delivered to Mom faster than she was able to embarrass you in front of all your teenage friends.


Are you having the time of your life? Well, maybe you should! How? Perhaps just by saying that you are. Studies show that a positive attitude does indeed help bring one more ease of mind, more contentment, and, dare we say it, happiness. So, the next time someone asks how you’re doing, repeat after us, “I’m having the time of my life!” We’ll meet you at the bar afterward.

Grand Tour Kickoff

One of the big events of the cycling calendar starts on May 6th, with the Grande Partenza of the 99th edition of the Giro d’Italia set to start in, of all places, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. How you get from the Netherlands to Italy by bicycle is beyond us, but hey, we just watch the darn thing, not plan it. Good luck to all the racers and teams!


From our colleagues in Boston comes this bit of news: the Boston area “T” transit is losing up to $42 million a year due to fare evaders. Officials are mulling over what exactly to do about it. Our suggestion: deputize angry riders armed with whiffle bats. However, you can always rest assured that our couriers always pay their fare. Or they would, if they weren’t so darned fast on their bicycles.

About Time!

 For spring, that is! Finally, we’re starting to have a spate of actual, consecutive spring weather, and not some hybrid climate change monster that runs warm then cold, then damp then hot again. No wonder all our friends are sick. Stupid global warming!

 Memorable Days

 Memorial Day is Monday, May 30th, so the big weekend is just around the corner.  To all our one percenters: it’s summer season in the Hamptons! Allow us to move the champagne! Oh, and if you’re in the rest of the percentage and you’re renting a shack out there with 20 of your closest friends, we’ve also got you covered!

Stump the Band

 Last month we asked what the word “drayage” is derived from. Answer: Drayage is derived from the dray, a type of open side less cart drawn by a dray horse.

T-Shirt Question

Fare increases increasingly up the price of Metrocards and other, similar automated fare collection systems. When was the first such system introduced in the U.S.? The first one to call Gil Ortiz with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway T-shirt.