Breakaway News Volume No. 23 Issue No. 9 September 2018

Labor Daze

 It’s already upon us. Labor Day weekend has come and gone, heralding the end of summer, the start of school, and soon some holiday shopping. As you relax and enjoy summer’s last gasp, remember that Breakaway can help you with all the work you’ll be returning to once the fall season is in full swing.  We can’t help you put off work, but we can help make it more painless.

 Office Rivalry

 As of this writing, a most unusual set of circumstances has arisen: the Yanks and Red Sox are in first and second place. Naturally, this boosts the inter-office rivalry between Breakaway New York and Breakaway Boston. Which office will have bragging rights? Which home city will prevail? We’re mostly bicycle racing fans, so we’re not invested, but most of our couriers are! Stay tuned!

 Shoe Leather

So, here’s an odd statistic: fully ten percent of shoes that are brought to the cobbler for repair of some sort are never picked up. They’re fixed and ready to go, but the party who thought highly enough of the shoes to bring them in just forget or never showed up. That’s a lot of unused shoe leather! If all those people just called Breakaway to have their deliveries done, maybe they’d have their shoes in better shape a while longer.

 One Last Grand

 July is already a memory, and the glow of the Tour de France has worn off, but right on its heels is the Vuelta a España. The last Grand Tour of the racing season is already well under way, and it started with a bang, with challenging mountainous stages almost right off the bat. This will be the last fix for fans like us this season. For Yankees and Red Sox fans, it merits merely a “meh.”

Off the Cuff

 Buildings continue to rise above our humble HQ in Hell’s Kitchen as the Hudson Yards development continues apace. According to our ad hoc and completely unscientific survey, there seems to be a 50% vacancy rate among the new buildings. Lack of services maybe? We know there will be plenty of new restaurants - if you’ve got the dough for it. To reserve a table, be sure to bring your mortgage broker. End rant.

 Very Intermittent

The newest craze sweeping the fitness world is intermittent fasting. Basically, you spend about eight to ten hours out of 24 eating, and then the rest of the time, you simply don’t eat. Some folks are down to two, even one meal per day. Not to be outdone, we at Breakaway are committing ourselves to eating only once per week, and then the rest of the time drinking hydrogenated water. Immortality, here we come!

 Stump the Band

 Last month we asked which large southern constellation was split into three. Answer: Argo Navis, which was split into Carina, Puppis, and Vela.

T-Shirt Question

 What monarch is commemorated with a statue in Central Park? The first person to call Gil Ortiz with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway T-shirt.