Breakaway News Volume No. 32 Issue No. 3 March 2018

Smiling NY Eyes

The clover is in bloom, shamrocks are everywhere and the green beer will flow from many taps. It’s Saint Patrick’s, and Breakaway wishes all of our clients a happy Saint Paddy’s Day, and all the luck o’ the Irish! Be sure to factor the Parade into your deliveries, and be extra nice to our leprechauns when they come for pick up!

Holy Schlamoly!

Aside from Saint Patrick’s Day, this March marks the start of a plethora of religious holidays that are observed not just here in the burg, but around the world. So, here goes. Happy Purim (March 1st) Holi (2nd) Lent (14th) Good Friday (30th) and start of Passover (31st). Holy mackerel, I’m exhausted.

Spring Ahead

March is also the month of the vernal equinox, as we finally head into spring on the 20th. Why is it that the older we get, time speeds up, but spring always seems to take longer to arrive? Anyway, March also marks the arrival of Daylight Savings Time on the 11th, so set your clocks accordingly.

March Meshugah

It’s also time for March Madness, the NCAA’s yearly strategy for destroying productivity all over the country by making people mesmerized with college hoops. This year, there’s a twist; Yeshiva University, for the first time in 80 years, has made it to the NCAA Division III tournament. Will the Maccabees be able to hammer their opponents on the hardwood? Tune into the madness to find out.

Just Saying

What’s with the lack of civility? When did listening to a smart phone out loud on the subway not make one a total dimwit? Just saying!

Electric Avenue

Tesla Motors helped popularize the idea of electric vehicles, and now others are starting to get in on the act as well. We went to kick the tires on an electric cargo van called the Chanje, which would drastically reduce our carbon footprint but is also heinously expensive. We love the idea, but controversy erupted over the name. How is it pronounced? We personally like adding a French twist to it: Shan-ʒe, rather than change. Makes it sound rather cosmopolitan.

Bulk Effect

What’s a sure sign of business growth? Instead of sending two or three things by courier, you have to send dozens of things! Especially if it’s e-commerce. Well, we’ve got you covered. Our logistics team can help with everything from warehousing to last-mile delivery. Contact our logistics department for more info, and see how we can complete 300-500 deliveries per day for you.

Stump the Band

Last month we asked what cyclists wore before the advent of Spandex/Lycra. Answer: Both shorts and jersey were constructed of wool.

T-Shirt Question

Some communities celebrated more than one Purim. Which celebrated more than any other? The first person to call Gil Ortiz with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway T-shirt.