Breakaway News Volume No. 24 Issue No. 6 June 2019

Happy Father’s Day

May was Mom’s Month. Now it’s Dad’s turn. We’re sure he didn’t mind Mom going first, him being a gentleman and all, so now it’s time to reward that gentlemanly manner with a day where he can put his feet up, have a nice tall drink, and have peace of mind, knowing that his delivery is going to get there on time via Breakaway. Seriously, if you want something delivered to or for Dad, call us. He deserves it.

 Cyclists, Unite!

 It’s no secret that we love bicycles (if you’ve been reading this newsletter, you’re nodding saying, “Yeah, we know!”), and apparently, we’re not the only ones, because the United Nations has declared June 3rd to be World Bicycle Day! The brainchild of World Bank sociologist Leszek Sibilski, a cyclist and activist, it’s a day for us to not only take a ride, but reflect on how the bicycle can help reduce climate change. If you’re interested on learning more, we recommend Professor Sibilski’s World Bank blog post, “Cycling Is Everyone’s Business.” Riveting stuff!

Congestion Cure-all

 Congestion pricing – charging motorists for entering into a certain zone of a city by car – is more and more a certainty here in New York. While we don’t know the specifics of the plan (those details are still being hammered out) we do know that motorists will be charged for entering Manhattan below 60th street. Cyclists won’t be charged – yet another reason to ride!

 Giro d’Italia

 It’s been an exciting Giro this year! As we write this, it’s boiling down to former winner Vincenzo Nibali and current race leader Richard Carapaz. Our money is on Carapaz, but stay tuned!

Summer Daze

 It’s June, and the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, is almost here. June 21st is the day when the sun will seem to hang in the sky for a long, languid time, enabling everyone to work on their tan, shine on your garden, and heat the city like an apple in the oven set on convection. Yeah, we’re not keen on leaving the A.C. to go out either, but we know a lot of crazy people on bikes who don’t mind. If you have a deliver or a pick-up, they’ll go out in the noon day solstice sun and get it done!

 Poor Man’s Tesla

 It’s official: E-bikes are here to stay. They’re just too effective to not put to use on the roads. Once they became the standard for food delivery people, we knew there’d be no shaking them. Now, regular cyclists or even aging ones can get in on the act. They’re like the Tesla, but with two wheels and a much smaller price tag.

Stump the Band

 Last month we asked for the native name of Easter Island.
Answer: Rapa Nui is the island’s original name.

 Trivia Question

 Gino Bartali was a champion of the Giro and the Tour de France, but he also has a very different honor achieved at great peril. What is it? The first person to contact Gil Ortiz at 646-674-8323 or with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway T-shirt.