Breakaway News Volume No.5 Issue No.10 October 2000

The Jacket

One evening, a Breakaway messenger was riding his bike home through Central Park. He saw a teenage girl walking alone near the Harlem Meer. She waved him over. She had stayed too late at a friend’s house and was now on her way home. She asked if he would walk her to her building on 102nd Street. He agreed and they set off through the park. She was shivering so he lent her his jacket. When they got to 5th Avenue, the messenger turned around and the girl was gone, along with his jacket. He searched around the park without success. Then he remembered the address she had given him and he rode to her building. When he rang the buzzer an old woman’s voice answered. After he explained the situation, there was a long pause. The woman, speaking in a trembling voice, said “my daughter is not here because she drowned five years ago. If you want your jacket, go look on the north shore of Harlem Meer. That is where she died.” The messenger hopped onto his bike and rode back into the park.  In the moonlight he could see his jacket lying in the grass by the water. He grabbed the jacket and sped home without looking back. Happy Halloween!

French Foliage

As the seasons change, spirits are high at Breakaway Paris. A major competitor has decided to subcontract their bike messenger work to us! For information about using Breakaway Paris, please contact Account Manager Ralph Santoni.

Farewell to a Friend

Breakaway would like to wish a fond farewell to Chris Kim. Chris has been with the company four years. He was invaluable in managing our office move from Walker Street to 35th Street. Good luck, Chris.


Meet the Breakaway Office Staff

Name: Ricardo Reyes.

Position: Dispatcher.

Nickname: “Latinoheat.”

Years at Breakaway: Four.

Favorite Customers: Jessica at IMG Models.

Favorite Artist: Robert DeNiro.

Likes: Little kegs of Heineken.

Dislikes: Incomplete information.

Favorite Saying: “I’ll speak to the customer.”


Stump the band…

Last month we asked you to give us the name of the first newspaper published in New York City. For a bonus question, we asked for the year in which the paper was first published. Many of you incorrectly guessed the New York Post. The Gazette was actually the first newspaper published in New York City. It was first published way back in 1725.

T-shirt Question

Who started the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade and in what year was the parade first held? The first person to call Ralph Santoni (with the correct answer) will win a coveted Breakaway T-shirt.