Breakaway News Volume No.5 Issue No.9 September 2000

Labor Day Thanks

Labor Day is once again upon us. We would like to thank our hardworking messengers and valued customers who make all our jobs possible. Have a great holiday!

My Summer Vacation

Another blissful summer is coming to an end. Many of our clients went on exciting and exotic trips this summer and we would like to hear about them. If you went somewhere or did something exciting, please call Account Manager Ralph Santoni. Your adventure may make it into a future newsletter!

Penny Wise

Recently, a customer of Breakaway Boston sent us payment for a bill. He was short by three cents. After several gentle reminders by our Receivables Department, the customer sent us three pennies taped to an invoice stub. Persistence pays.

Team Breakaway

Former Breakaway Account Manager Charlie Issendorf took first place in the recent Century Road Club Association Time Trial Championships. The championships were held in Central Park. Charlie completed the grueling twenty-kilometer course in an amazing twenty-six minutes and 30 seconds. Way to go Charlie!

Breakaway R&D

The Breakaway R&D Department recently unveiled a robot messenger named Courbot. This friendly robot is designed to deliver packages in poor weather conditions. Preliminary tests have gone well with the single hitch that Courbot keeps trying to ask our network computer out on a date.


Meet the Breakaway Office Staff

Name: Marc Nash.

Position: Third Base.

Nickname: “Nash.”

Years at Breakaway: Six.

Favorite Customers: Baron and Baron.

Favorite Artist: Robert Mapplethorpe.

Likes: Ice Cream.

Dislikes: Liver and onions.

Favorite Saying: “OK, great.”


Stump the band…

Last month we asked you to tell us what amazing feat Skip Storch accomplished, in the Hudson River, in 1988. Mr. Storch performed the amazing feat of swimming down the Hudson River from Albany to the Statue of Liberty. There is a rumor that the strange chemicals in the river gave Mr. Storch super powers which he is currently using to fight crime somewhere in South America.

T-shirt Question 

What was the name of the first newspaper published in New York City? The first person to call Ralph Santoni (with the correct answer) will win a coveted Breakaway T-shirt. (Bonus: what year was this paper first published?)