Breakaway News Volume No. 10 Issue No. 5 May 2005

May’s Many Moments

If April showers bring May flowers, then May brings a crop of other days and events. There’s May Day (May 1st), Mother’s Day (May 8th), Cinco de Mayo (guess when) and Memorial Day, which comes not too long after on the 30th. As always, Breakaway is ready to bring those May flowers, cards, and other items to Mom, or anyone else you want to send a May gift to.

Food Plan

It’s official: The old food pyramid is no more, having been replaced by a slew of new, color coded, individualized pyramids, ready to guide the munching masses of our fat…er…great nation to nutritional nirvana. We kept trying to get our personalized pyramids from the web-site, only to have it repeatedly tell us to get lost. Apparently, all the bike riding we do makes us too fit to qualify for a pyramid. We were, however, offered a choice of some nice trapezoids, and various other polygons.

Helping Hands

Got a lot of tasks to perform and not a lot of time to perform them in? Try hiring a Breakaway messenger by the hour. Our messenger will do the menial, time consuming labor that you need done, leaving you free to concentrate on more specific, critical tasks. Take the ‘mess’ out of your day with one of our messengers!

Leave in Silence…

At the commencement of the Tour de Georgia, America’s biggest bicycle stage race, Lance Armstrong officially, and calmly, announced to the world that he’ll retire after this year’s Tour de France. We here at Breakaway Courier want to bid the six-time Tour champ a fond and sad farewell, as well as a heartfelt thank you for providing us, for 14 great years, with an example of what a champion should be. Thanks Lance; we’ll miss you.

World Messenger Games 05 in NYC

On June 30th, the 2005 Cycle Messenger World Championships will be held in New York. Well, actually in Jersey City, New Jersey. This is the thirteenth edition of the CMWC, and the first to be held in the New York area. And, when they say World Championships, they mean it; prior events have been held in Budapest, Zurich and Edmonton (the first was in Berlin). Events will focus on skills unique to bike messengers, such as the Cargo Race, Track Bike events (no brakes allowed!) and the Dispatch Race. As a pre-event, nine days before the CMWC, there will be a bike race from Boston to New York, the Route 1 Stage Race. So, mark your calendar and get ready to cheer our NYC daredevils on as they compete for the title of World’s Greatest Bike Messenger!

Stump the Band

Last month, we asked for the name of the taiji (tai chi) master and Boston native who was world renowned for his skill, longevity, wicked sense of humor, and who taught scads of Bostonians the joy of moving in slow motion. The answer: T.T. Liang.

T-Shirt Question

How many streets in Manhattan have “Broadway” as part of their names? The first person to call John Handrik with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway t-shirt.