Breakaway News Volume No. 12 Issue No. 5 April 2007

Gettin’ It Done!

Breakaway is open on Saturday’s, even on Saint Patty’s. This presented some major challenges to our staff. A867 had to make a pick-up from 620 5th Avenue going to 595 Madison; through the heart of the parade. Thinking fast, he parked on Madison, took his hand truck and went through the 53rd street subway underpass, crossing below the parade, making the pick-up. He then went back the same way, delivering said item. After displaying such perspicacity, he was awarded the leprechaun’s pot of gold and has retired to Dublin Beach.

Billing Options

It would be a boring life with only one flavor of ice cream. Similarly, we offer more than one invoicing cycle: weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly. Monthly billing is normally the default. For high volume, weekly might be best. You can always change your billing option by calling Maria Ortiz  at extension 8351 in accounts receivable.

A New Season

Last month marked the beginning of the new cycling season and everyone here at Breakaway is, well, indifferent really, except for a few of us. USA’s Discovery Channel Team has racked up wins at the Tour of California and Paris-Nice. This year is also Discovery’s last sponsoring the team. Also, we hear that this Sunday is the start of another sports season. Something to do with a bat and bases?

April Fool’s

April is the month for practical jokes, especially on work mates. Pull a fast one on someone recently? Did it nearly get you fired? Tell us about it! Best story gets an honorable (or, dishonorable) mention in the Newsletter. Contact Robert Martinez at

Tax Time

April 16th is the deadline for taxes this year. This is always a very busy time for Breakaway. Make sure that any tax items you want to deliver, are prepared well ahead of time, fully labeled, and will have a contact waiting to receive them. That will ensure prompt delivery, and will avoid having your tax items waiting in mailroom limbo.

Order and Track

Just a reminder that you can order a messenger online, and can track his progress that way also. Don’t be shy; go ahead and click that mouse!

Stump the Band

Last month, we asked what book is considered to be the first American novel. Quite a few people knew this one, proving that our customers don’t only read the sports section. The answer: The Power of Sympathy, written by William H. Brown in 1789 and published in Worcester, MA.

Trivia Question

Cricket has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. When was the first, definite mention of cricket written? The first person to contact Robert Martinez with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway t-shirt or coffee mug.