Breakaway News Volume No. 12 Issue No. 7 July 2007

Fourth of July

To all our customers, a happy Fourth of July! We hope you’re all going to kick back, relax, throw some burgers on the barbeque while sipping a cold one, and watch some fireworks. We know we’re going to, so don’t call us to for work on the Fourth (a Wednesday) because we’ll be closed.

Truck? Bike? Both!

It’s tricky; you have a large package, and you think a cyclist can take it, but you’re not sure. Well, we’ve got the perfect solution: the cargo bike! We have a new messenger who pilots a bike that can carry 700 pounds of cargo. So, when you’re not sure, we are.

Traffic de-Congestion

We’re excited! We’re titillated! We’re all agog at Mayor Mike’s Congestion Pricing proposal, and we’re thrilled that Gov. Spitzer and the U.S. transportation secretary are both behind it. If the plan gets the nod from Albany, NYC could stand to get $500 million from the Fed for it. And we’ll cruise through jamless streets. Go Mike go!

Bike Terminology

Poser Pass: Gunning it really hard to catch another cyclist (usually a stranger) then easing up when passing in order to look like it was easy.

Panther-ish Grace

Breakaway Courier’s truck department is partnering with Panther Expedited Services to contract their truck work. Still in its infancy, this deal should allow us to expand our vehicular reach. It’s not a tiger in the tank, but it is a panther in, well, some part of the vehicle.

Stump the Band

Last month, we wanted to know who “Little Chocolate” was. The answer: Boxer George Dixon. The first black champion of any sport in America, he took the championship as a bantamweight in 1888. Also a champion featherweight, he’s buried in Boston, Mass.

Trivia Question

Where is the origin of the term, “southpaw?” The first person to call Robert Martinez with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway t-shirt.