Breakaway News Volume No. 13 Issue No. 11 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Breakaway would like to wish all of our customers and employees a Happy Thanksgiving. This year our office will be closed on Thursday, November 27th and open on Friday, November 28th. Have a wonderful holiday.

Presidential Couriers

By the time you read this, we will know who our next president is. At Breakaway, it has been a long-standing tradition for us to offer employment to ex-presidents. Former President Clinton pedaled a few days before settling into his offices on 125th Street. We do know that President Bush has been cycling for many years. We can only assume he is preparing for the rigors of his carefree days delivering your packages. We have already reserved a locker, messenger bag and a safety orientation class for him.

Four Flavors of Rush

Did you know we have four levels of rush service, each with a faster delivery deadline? Is it a rush, double rush, triple rush or exclusive rush?

Green Cargo Trike

You may have seen our new cargo bicycle around town. Practicing the concept of appropriate technology, we use the cargo bike to deliver freight that is too big for a bicycle messenger but too small for a car. It has given us such dexterity in traffic, that we ordered two new cargo tricycles. We hope to receive them in time for the holiday rush.

Heard on a Cell Phone

Young man speaking very loudly:

“Well you bet that was a crucial five minutes!! In those five minutes all my data hit the information super highway. Now I’m out of business.”

One of thousands of titillating conversations overheard by our couriers every day.

Special Thanks

What a memorable month October 2008 was. We would like to give special thanks to all our customers who continue to call and continue to pay their bills on time. Yes, we’ve heard all about the credit crunch. According to Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman, now is not the time to stop spending money. We must keep consuming.  Why not consume up and down Madison Avenue and have Breakaway deliver all your purchases to your office or residence?

Holiday Deliveries

It’s not too early to start planning your holiday deliveries. We are staffing up for the surge in December orders. One option you can utilize is our four-hour economy service with a 10-delivery minimum. Call the sales department for details.

Stump the Band

Last month we asked: What were the names of the two children who had “fits” which sparked the Salem Witch trials in 1692?  Answer: Betty Parris, age 9, and her cousin Abigail Williams, age 11.

T-Shirt Question

Name the street address that Barack Obama lived on while he was attending college in New York City.  The first person to call with the correct answer will win the coveted Breakaway T-shirt. Please call Andrew Desmond, 646-674-8385.