Breakaway News Volume No. 13 Issue No. 10 October 2008


All Tricks No Treats

Riding downtown our bicycle couriers can hear the echoes of Wall Street brokers long past. Mortgage excess summons the ghosts of 1929 for this year’s Halloween. Couriers have seen them rising up, marching in catatonic fits to Christopher Street waiting with glee for the Friday night parade. Perhaps a Snickers bar for the weary 1929 ghosts or maybe big bags of green paper instead?

Focus Group Question

With the size of video cameras shrinking, we were wondering if you would ever need to have a critical delivery videotaped? If you think this is a service you would use on important deliveries, please let us know.

Express Payment

Make your life less stressful by enrolling in our Automatic Payment Plan. It is quick, easy and we accept all major credit cards. You will still receive an itemized statement of your charges. However, opening your envelope will be optional, because your bill will be paid. Talk about bill-paying convenience! For more information, contact Breakaway A/R Manager Maria Ortiz at 646-674-8351

Phone Complications

Recently we have been experiencing an unusual number of problems with our phone company, Verizon. We apologize for the inconvenience they may have caused. When there is a problem, we are often the last to know because no one can call us! We think we’ve solved all our hiccups with Verizon. However, if you get a busy signal, please don’t hesitate to email us and let us know there is a problem: Thanks.

Direct Rush to Off Season

Too bad, so sad. As another baseball season closes, all our water-cooler debates are silenced as neither the Yankees nor the Mets made the playoffs. Of course, the Red Sox barely made it, so we tip our hats to our lucky fans in the Red Sox Nation.

Labeling Tips

Most office buildings now have elaborate security schemes, which impede the delivery of your package. Here are some labeling tips to sail through security:

 1. Label your parcel completely

2. Include your return address with your phone number and your name.

3. Confirm the closing time of the delivery point

4. Company Name

5. Room Number

6. Recipient's name

7. Recipient's phone number, including extensions and direct dial #’s

8. Street Address

9. City, State, Zip Code


Stump the Band

Last month we asked what is the record time for climbing up the 86 flights of stairs in the annual Empire State Building stair run? Answer 9 minutes, 33 seconds.

T-Shirt Question

What were the names of the two children who had “fits” which sparked the Salem Witch trials in 1692? The first person to call with the correct answer will win the coveted Breakaway T-shirt. Please call Andrew Desmond, 646-674-8385