Breakaway News Volume No. 13 Issue No. 9 September 2008


Autumn Equinox

This month, autumn will officially begin on September 22nd, at 11:39 AM. After a lazy August, we are rolling up our sleeves and looking forward to your abundance of phone calls, web orders and rush deliveries this fall.


Fulfillment is at your fingertips--not the spiritual kind but the Breakaway kind.  What are we taking about?  Simple. It’s another service we provide. We complete marketing projects for some of our customers. For instance, one of our customers is preparing 400 gift bags stuffed with 100 gift items.  For a reasonable fee, we will complete the whole project for you. This includes collecting all the products, storing them, filling the bags, labeling the bags and delivering them. It’s what we call logistics and fulfillment.  Call Andrew Desmond, 646-674-8385, to outsource your next marketing blitz.

To the Rescue

Recently, we got a call from a frantic customer because their in-house driver had “low-bridged” their company truck by driving through the transverse in Central Park with a clearance of 10 feet and the truck was 14 feet high. We met the damaged truck, loaded up, and completed the delivery on time. Next time, why not outsource the whole project to us?

Route Work

We also do “route work” If you have a group of deliveries that occur on a regular basis, we also do these types of pre-scheduled deliveries. For instance, on a daily basis, we pick up medical samples all over the city and deliver them to a processing lab.

Heard on the Street

More profundities heard near the methadone clinic on our block:

 “I go back to my house, I cook my own food.”


Gold Medal for D233

Hats off to D233 for working around his handicap. His courier job requires constant verbal communication via two-way radio. However, he has a hearing impairment. We worked around this hurdle by using text messages.  With a little extra effort from our ace dispatcher Bill Dappio, D233 overcame his handicap and has become a great messenger. His determination is an inspiration to all of us.


Several news reports have pointed to a new trend this summer, the “staycation”. It’s not even in the dictionary yet. A staycation is nothing more than staying at home for your vacation.  We love it. No frenetic trip to the airport, no traffic jams to idle through. Just a truly relaxing time in the comfort of your home with a good cup of java and all your stuff at your fingertips. Now that’s relaxing.

Stump the Band

Last month we asked you to name the former NYC bicycle messenger who won a silver medal in the 1984 Olympics. Answer: Nelson Vails

T-Shirt Question

What is the record time for climbing up the 86 flights of stairs in the annual Empire State Building stair run? The first person to call with the correct answer will win the coveted Breakaway T-shirt. Please call Andrew Desmond, 646-674-8385.