Breakaway News Volume No. 13 Issue No. 4 April 2008

Many Happy Returns

Tax season is one of our busiest times of the year. Tuesday, April 15th will be especially busy, so please plan ahead. As a reminder, we are always open on the weekends. Your Breakaway messenger will reach the Internal Revenue Service in plenty of time to avoid any...unwanted attention. Never fear; if you are audited, Breakaway can shuttle paperwork quickly between you, your accountant and your attorney.

Spring Shoes

Ah yes, Spring has arrived. What a great time for a new pair of shoes.  While walking through SOHO, we noticed all kinds of candy-colored shoes under $100 to brighten up your day.  Best of all, we can deliver your new shoes to your home or your office.

Congestion Pricing

As of this morning, the New York City council passed approval of congestion pricing. In theory, trucking services will cost more but deliveries will happen much faster.  If Congestion Pricing is approved by New York State, we shall see how this theory works in practice. Either way, at least it will not affect our bicycle deliveries.


The other day, our neighbors from the third floor came to our office frantically looking for a favor. They had an emergency and wanted of all things: a carton, not just a roll, but a carton of toilet paper. Third-Floor Man promised he would re-stock our supplies soon. And true to his word, about a week ago, we received a full carton of two-ply toilet paper. What a great neighbor. 

One Million Orders

Congratulations to Edwards & Zuck for placing the one millionth order on our new computer system.  In addition, kudos to Eric Owen for deftly taking the order.  We are pleased that our new software has shown the test of time.

New Hire Rejects

Recently, we had some high profile applicants drift through our hiring office looking for messenger work. Sadly, all of them were turned away for a variety of delusional half-truths about their past. One guy claimed to be an ex-governor, another one a U.S. Attorney General, another said he was the CEO of a major investment bank. Strange days indeed. Life goes on. We’re still here, ready for your next delivery.

Stump the Band

The answer to last month’s question was: On March 15th, the assassination of Ancient Roman leader Julius Caesar cast a pall that day.

Trivia Question

How many free parking placards has the City of New York issued to car owners? The first person to call Bob Modica, 646-674-8353, will receive the official Breakaway T-shirt.