Breakaway News Volume No. 13 Issue No. 5 May 2008

M Day

Can you believe it? Memorial Day weekend is around the corner and Mother’s Day is next week. If you are setting up shop at a vacation home, we can help move your office with our liftgate trucks. Also, we are open on Sunday for last-minute deliveries to your Mother.

Magic Exercise

We noted with bemusement that the NY Times reported that exercise is the “magic bullet” for curing all health ills according to the Harvard School of Public Health. They could have just as easily asked our bicycle couriers who have known this for years.

15 lbs or Less

Do you have a package that’s a bit bulky but on a deadline? You may be able to opt for an oversize shipment with a bicycle courier. Bikers in Manhattan can handle a great many of your bags, flats, and miscellany. Tell us what sort of package it is and how it's packed. We may be able to send a biker instead of a car and get there faster. Hard-taped 18”x24" flats, 12”x12" boxes and a shopping bag of shoes are just a few examples of this type of delivery, which can be coupled with our spectrum of rush services.

Helping Hands

Do you have many tasks to perform and not much time in which to perform them? Try hiring a Breakaway messenger by the hour. Our messenger will do the menial, time-consuming labor that you need done, leaving you free to concentrate on more specific, critical tasks. Take the ‘mess’ out of your day with one of our messengers!

Read on a Website

May 30th is “Water a Flower Day”

Breakaway Village

As the years go by, an increasing percentage of the population has spent at least one hour of their life as a Breakaway Courier. By the year 2020, experts agree that 95% of Americans will have worked at Breakaway. The latest example comes from Puerto Rico. Former editor, Rob Martinez was lounging at an exclusive resort wearing a t-shirt from the “Breakaway Casual Wear” collection. Suddenly, ten tourists blurted out our alumni motto, “Yo Dude, I used to work for Breakaway”.  Next stop: Morocco.

Doom, Gloom & Boom

We are not one to wallow in fear and anxiety. With the economic forecasts of impending doom, food shortages, and rocketing fuel prices, it’s hard not to expect the worst. But pessimistic expectations can lead to self-fulfilling prophecies. Fear not we say, keep spending, consuming and always have Breakaway do your deliveries.

Stump the Band

The answer to last month’s question was: 144,100 free parking placards have been issued to car owners by various departments of NYC.

Trivia Question

How much did the Red Sox shirt, buried under the Yankee’s new stadium sell for on EBay? The first person to call Bob Modica, 646-674-8353, will receive the official Breakaway T-shirt.