Breakaway News Volume No. 14 Issue No. 2 February 2009

On-Time Love

Did you know that more than one billion cards are sent around the world on St. Valentine’s? This makes it second to Christmas as the card-sending holiday with the highest volume, to say nothing of gifts. Lesser known is that a half-million men get beaned with frying pans for being late with their gifts. Not our customers though, all of whom got presents to their Valentines on time, every time, using Breakaway.


Breakaway would like to add its voice to the myriad of voices in praise of pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III, who safely ditched into the Hudson, saving all his passengers. The event actually happened not far from Breakaway’s headquarters. Talks are under way for Chesley to start Breakaway’s new air division. So far, he hasn’t returned our calls.

Shameless Marketing

Naturally, when the NTSB found Flight 1549's engines in the Hudson, they needed it moved as fast as possible. Who did they call to move that huge load? We'd be proud to tell you that they called us, but that would be lying. On the other hand, if you have something enormous to move quickly, you can always rely on us and our truckers and lift-gates to get it there promptly and safely. Unless geese get in the way.

Have Chair, Will Travel

Right after The Inauguration, we had an interesting new applicant show up at Breakaway. It was a mysterious bespectacled old guy in a wheelchair. Seemed competent enough, if somewhat secretive. We’re just wondering how he’ll maneuver through the streets with that white cat on his lap and his retinue of well dressed bodyguards…er…personal trainers.

Blackberry Blues

We understand that President Obama has successfully held onto his beloved Blackberry, with an ultra-secure model. However, we patriotically propose a sure-fire way of keeping his correspondence secure: one of our messengers! They can’t be hacked, have “bike-fi”, high bandwidth, and come in a variety of shapes and color combinations. We’re still working on installing keypads, but that’s minor.

Football Bummer

The Super Bowl is coming up, and notably, neither New York team is in it. Nor are the Patriots, team of Breakaway’s other burg. What happened to Favre and Manning? The Patriots have an excuse, of course, since Brady was injured. Naturally, Breakaway’s football fanatics will still watch the Super Bowl, but it won’t be the mania-fest it might’ve been had either the Giants, Jets, or Patriots been there.

Stump the Band

Last month we asked, what song did Scott Joplin write the stock market’s recovery from an extremely bad bear market. Answer: Wall Street Rag.

T-Shirt Question

Here’s one for our economic times: Where did the first ever issuing of public paper money in Western civilization take place? The first person to call Andrew Desmond with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway T-shirt. 646-674-8385