Breakaway News Volume No. 14 Issue No. 9 September 2009

East River Corridor

Breakaway has deployed bicycle couriers to Brooklyn and Queens, greatly reducing the cost of hand deliveries to certain neighborhoods. For packages less than 15 lbs., you can now order a bicycle messenger to areas along the “East River Corridor” close to bridge access, such as DUMBO, Williamsburg, Park Slope, L.I.C and more. Local rates start at $10.50. Going into Manhattan can be as low as $13.10. Call Andrew Young, x8322, for more details.

Summer Bummer

The coming of September heralds the end of summer, and the bucolic days of lazing about. For your children, it’s back to school. Breakaway can handle all sorts of back-to-school supplies, from individual notebooks, to new computer equipment and desks. We will do your deliveries with such great care, that it deserves an A.

Labor Day 

Labor Day weekend sure does help ease the melancholy of a return to school, cool weather and shorter days. We know we plan on a barbeque. Don’t forget to call Breakaway to deliver any items you need to make your BBQ perfect. Heck, don’t forget to invite us, either!

Life’s Grand (Street)

Here’s a first. One of our messengers picked up a package from 107 Grand Street in Brooklyn, and delivered it to 107 Grand Street in Manhattan.


On the corner of 5th and 23rd street, one tourist to another: “See! They cross whether it says ‘don’t walk’ or not. There’s something we just don’t understand about them.”

Just one of the thousands of titillating conversations heard by our messengers everyday.

Web Orders

More and more, the world is wired together. That’s good and bad. Good in the sense that you can place your orders for Breakaway online, track packages, and manage your address book. Bad in the sense that our web address won’t make you coffee, nor will you experience the pleasure of talking to one of our dulcet-toned CSR’s.

Ahead of the Curve

New York City just recently passed a bill requiring buildings to allow bicycle access for workers who commute by (of course) bicycle. The law also states that commercial parking garages have to provide one bike parking slot for every ten car spaces. No word in the bill regarding hovercraft or jetpacks.

Stump the Band

Last month we wanted to know what the lowest temperature ever recorded in Central Park was. The answer: 14.3 below zero, on February 10th, 1934.

T-Shirt Question

Labor Day is a celebration of the working man (and woman!), but getting to work can be a job in itself. What is the average commute time to work? As a bonus, what is the average amount of commuting time each year? The first person to call Gil Ortiz with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway T-shirt.