Breakaway News Volume No. 15 Issue No. 7 July 2010

Happy Fourth  

Oh well, we thought the U.S.A. would get through the round of sixteen in the World Cup. Nonetheless this Fourth of July portends to be particularly patriotic. Have you got a Fourth of July/World Cup barbecue coming up? Heck, invite us! Or at least, don’t forget to use our services if you need extra barbecue sauce and fixings. Just remember: don’t put the Roman candles on the Barbie.

High Heel Hijinks  

Here’s an interesting case: We’ve been riding around, minding our own business and we’ve noticed high heel shoes strewn around the city. One shoe on the bicycle path, a pair on the GWB, and another in an elevator. Speculation runs rampant, but we’re thinking Carrie is in town and learning how to bicycle.

Don’t Forget…

…that we have trucks, and we do lots of trucking. Strangely, even though we’ve been doing trucking for 22 years, many of our devoted customers still think of us as only a bicycle messenger company. Please call us and avail yourself of our resources. From one ounce to 100,000 pounds, we can move it. 



…we do storage, warehousing, logistics and fullfillment. Need 1000 bags stuffed for a trade show? We’ll do it and deliver the bags to the venue. Need five pallets of promotional items stored for three months? We have a warehouse in midtown Manhattan.  Need your cat shipped to Santa Monica, California? We’ve done it and moved other living creatures. Give us a call on our sales line for details.

Purchase the Dragon

As many people know, haggling is one of the key activities when shopping in Chinatown. So, we were feeling pretty good when we shopped for a paper dragon, and haggled them down from $20 to $15. Imagine our chagrin when we rounded the corner, and saw another store offering the same paper dragon for a mere $5.95!  Well, what do we know? We deliver the items, instead of purchasing them. Next stop for us: 3-card monty on Times Square at midnight.

Stump the Band

Last month we asked what a Hero engine was. Answer: It’s a steam-powered engine which spins when heated. The device is also sometimes called an aeolipile, and was invented by Hero of Alexandria, hence the name Hero engine.

T-Shirt Question

Soccer (or football for everyone else) is extremely demanding, but at least one player was able to moonlight. Who is the only sportsman to have competed in World Cup football, as well as in a world cup of another sport? The first person to call Gil Ortiz with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway t-shirt.