Breakaway News Volume No. 15 Issue No. 9 September 2010

Back To School  

Times are tough, no doubt about it. Used to be, all you needed to bring to school were a notebook, and an apple for the teacher. Now, all you need is an "Apple notebook", and a whole slew of cleaning supplies so your child won’t bring home germs. However many supplies you need for your child, Breakaway can deliver them either by bicycle or lift-gate truck. How do you like them apples?! Oh, and if you need the lift-gate, try the next PTA meeting.

Fashion Wink 

September is here, and that means Fashion Week. Many of the biggest designer names unveil their spring collection in the early fall. This year marks a break with tradition, as Fashion Week will be moving from its traditional home at Bryant Park for Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center. Need a piece of fashion in a hurry? Our messenger will deliver it. Tastefully accoutered, with shaved legs, mauve bike shorts and polished body modifications, of course.

What’s In a Name?

We’ve had it. We’re done, through, and so over it! We’re talking about the new standard of addressing people by their first initial, and then a supercilious shortening of their family name. We’ve gone from admiring Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Wolf Mo for instance) to gossiping emptily about J Lo, LiLo, J Woww, A-Rod, K-Rod, and NimRod. We at Breakaway are taking a stand, right behind our leader RK, office manager AY and… uh, never mind.


The Big Scoop

It isn’t the most glamorous scoop, but one of our messengers was interviewed by Anderson Cooper recently, for a piece that will air on CNN (360?). Don’t know why they haven’t come sooner, as everyone knows Breakaway couriers are the most articulate and erudite, period.

City as Test Bed

Kudos to Breakaway mechanic and bicycle whisperer James Lao, who managed to fix our custom-built cargo bike frames with steel plate, some aircraft quality epoxy, twine and some strategically placed bubblegum. In all seriousness, the manufacturer in Montana called us to express their gratitude that we tested them to failure, saying that it would provide valuable data. After all, what do Montanans know about pot-holes?

Blech! This is Coffee?!

We went to Italy recently for vacation, for our own little Eat, Pray, Love, although in our case, it was simply Eat. One thing stood out to our addicted palates: the coffee was phenomenal! The coffee at Starbucks tasted burnt by comparison. So much so, that we swore Charbucks off. That lasted for all of about a week. We’re back on the sauce already.

Stump the Band

Last month we asked which Boston-born astronaut was the last of the Apollo era astronauts on active flight duty to retire. Answer: Story Musgrave.

T-Shirt Question

What sparked the most violent riots on the White House grounds in U.S. history? The first person to call Gil Ortiz with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway t-shirt.