Breakaway News Volume No. 19 Issue No. 3 March 2014

Blarney Carnie 

March is here, so it’s time for the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. This year, the holiday falls on a Monday, so plan your deliveries accordingly, bearing in mind that cutting through the parade route isn’t easy. Especially while dodging leprechauns and flying mugs of green beer!

 Ice Ice Maybe!

Apparently the Sochi Olympics should have been called the So Warm Olympics, with temperatures climbing into the 60's over there. Had the Olympics been held here, they’d have had plenty of snow! Next time, make sure conditions are right, IOC!

 Tech Rollout

   It’s happening. We’ve been adding more GPS devices to our messengers. No, not by surgical   implantation! Soon, you’ll be able to order and track the progress of your delivery online. 

 Last Mile in Style

You secured the big contract for you and your firm. You managed to arrange for the merchandise to be delivered from England to the States, no problem. It’s sitting in the warehouse at JFK. Now what? Call us, that’s what! We offer “Last Mile” delivery and logistics services. We’ll deal with getting the delivery into the right hands, leaving you free to collect the accolades you worked hard for.

 Street Glaciers

 One effect of all the snow we’ve had, despite not hosting an Olympics, is huge ice floes on the sidewalk. Breakaway office stalwarts Gil and Maria have both slipped and fell on the streetbergs. Both are okay, but we’re going to start issuing crampons to all our employees.

 The Madness Begins

It’s coming. The insanity. The screaming. The attention deficit disorder induced by television overdose. We’re talking, of course, about the annual event known as March Madness, a/k/a college basketball. Those of us in the office who don’t give a hoot about it have already ordered our earplugs. Have at it, b-ball fans!

 From the Field

 Intrepid Breakaway employee Asher is typical of our couriers and staff: gonzo. She works remotely, and was, until recently, working in Ukraine, in the Crimea. As of this writing, she is now safely in Budapest, having traveled from Crimea through Kiev to get there (she even found time to walk around Kiev and take in a movie!). In her own words, “Not a very uplifting place to be at the moment, to say the least.”

 Stump the Band

Last month, we asked when the coldest ever Super Bowl was. Answer: Super Bowl VI, which took place in Louisiana. The temperature was 43 degrees that game.

 T-Shirt Question

 Moscow authorities came up with a unique way of honoring the Sochi games in the city’s Metro system. What was it? The first one to call Gil Ortiz with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway T-shirt.