Breakaway News Volume No. 23 Issue No. 6 June 2018

Not Another Tie!

The change from May to June is wonderful because we get to go from remembering fallen heroes to recognizing the heroes in our own lives: our Dads! Here’s to all the fathers out there who stayed up late waiting for us to come home, helped us with our homework, and taught us life lessons that we still live by. Our couriers are standing by to help you get that perfect gift to the hero who helped raise you.

Taste of California

Congratulations to Egan Bernal of Team Sky for winning the Men’s Amgen Tour of California. The Columbian grabbed hold of the leader’s jersey on the 2nd stage, and held it to win overall. This, as his Sky teammate Chris Froom wins the Giro d’Italia across the pond. Congratulations also to Katie Hall of United Healthcare for winning the women’s Tour of California.

Generally Speaking

A while back we told you about our fancy new French trailers.  They’ve now acquired appropriate new monikers:  Sherman and Grant, after the logistical genius generals credited with winning the Civil War. Their likenesses also adorn the trailers, so keep an eye out for them around town, hauling up to 100 cubic feet of cargo.   And if you have a large bulk delivery to get done quickly, give us a call to send out the generals!

All Pretty Interesting

Speaking of bulk ordering, we are now offering our customers an API – that’s Application Programming Interface for the less techie among us. It’s a faster way to get your orders into our system so that they can be dispatched and delivered even more quickly.  Interested?  Have your tech people call our tech people.

Hubway, Flubway

Our Boston Breakaway brethren love cycling. As do we. And as do many people in Beantown. To prove it, Boston has its own bike share scheme, called Hubway. One rider took it to extremes, however, when he took a Hubway bike onto the northbound I-93 in the O’Neill Tunnel. A little extreme, but we love the commitment!


Or, we should say, lack of tubular. We hope. Our Fearless Leader RK has already been singing the praises of tubeless tires for his road bike. Now, he’s agitating for tubeless tires for his Brompton folding bike. Brompton, get on that, will ya?


“I would date him, he’s cute and all, except he has no money.”

Just another titillating conversation heard by our messengers every day.

Stump the Band

Last month we wanted to know which venerable, classic bicycle race finally added a women’s event. Answer: Liege-Bastogne-Liege, aka “La Doyenne.”

T-Shirt Question

“The Americans” has finally ended.   What conflict paved the way for modern espionage operations? The first person to call Gil Ortiz with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway T-shirt.