Breakaway News Volume No. 23 Issue No. 7 July 2018

Go Fourth, Have Fun

We wish all of our valued customers a very happy and safe Independence Day! We hope that you, like us, will be celebrating July 4th with a barbecue and the libation of your choice, while watching the rockets’ red glare and fireworks bursting in air. Make sure you get those deliveries in early for the holiday, and stay safe out there.

Why Ask Why?

Why we like bicycles: in a word, simplicity. Why we’re not too fond of cars: because they’re complicated. Why do we write such good newsletters? Because we ride bicycles. Why are we so good at quick, efficient deliveries? Because, we ride bicycles!


A heart-felt farewell to Walter DeRienzo, former owner of Personal Messenger Service. Breakaway merged with Personal last year, with the understanding that Walter would stay on a year while we integrated the companies. Now, he’s finally retiring, and is off to his native Uruguay. He worked alongside us in our office and is so likeable a guy that we bought him two cakes and a send-off package. Good luck Walter!

Complaint Dept.

Here’s our complaint: Windows 10 isn’t printing our invoices properly. It’s a perfect time for ALL our customers to sign up for electronic invoicing. Call Maria in Accounts Receivable at 646-674-8351 to get started. Really, it’s painless.

We Haul

Think that only vehicles can haul a lot? Guess again! Our cargo bicycles can haul as much as 400 lbs. Have a lot of stuff and want a small footprint? Call us and see what our cargo bicycles can do for you!

Tour Time

July is a month that we at Breakaway look forward to, because of that big annual event, the Tour de France. This year, unusually, the Tour is starting a week later, on the 7th. Which is just fine with us, because we’re always so into it, we don’t know what to do when it ends!

Final Stretch

Have you got a semi full of goods coming into the city? Do those goods need distribution? Have those goods come from all over the world, just to languish at the final stretch because navigating the city is complicated? Give us a call and see what our Last Mile Service can do for you. Whatever you have arriving, we can stage it, organize it, and deliver throughout the city, making sure your customers get what they need when they need it. Don’t blow it in the last leg!

Stump the Band

Last month we asked what conflict paved the way for modern espionage operations. Answer: The Great Game, a conflict waged between the British and Russian empires.

T-Shirt Question

What empire served as the precedent for Indonesia’s current borders? The first person to call Gil Ortiz with the correct answer will win a coveted Breakaway T-shirt.